Our Value



  • We design, maintain and update the IR website for you

Insage will design, maintain and update the necessary information for you, so that your management need not worry about spending time updating the corporate website. Your management's time is freed up to do what they do best – to manage the business and make profits!

  • We know what public listed companies need to comply with Bursa's guidelines

As a subsidiary company of Excel Force MSC Berhad ("EFORCE") which is listed on Bursa Malaysia, Insage is fully aware of the needs for corporate disclosure and the continuing listing obligations of a public listed company. We take care of the website for you.

  • Target audience

Insage and EFORCE intends to channel the IR news of our customers to the real target audience – investors that trade in shares – using EFORCE's Internet Stock Trading solutions.

EFORCE is currently the market leader in Internet Stock Trading solutions in Malaysia and its customers include Maybank, Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Alliance Bank, RHB Bank, Malacca Securities, TA Securities, UOB Kay Hian, Maybank Kim Eng (Thailand), An Binh Securities (Vietnam), etc.

Excel Force MSC Berhad

  • Dedicated Web Designer and IT Programmer support

We have a team of web designers and IT programmers to provide support to ensure that our IR website services are delivered to our Public Listed Company clients.  Public Listed Companies  need not commit valuable resources to set up a web design and programmer team to develop and maintain the IR website.

Outsourcing provides valuable cost savings compared to designing and maintaining the IR website inhouse!