Insage Fundamental Analysis System

INSAGE Fundamental Analysis System enables you to analyse and review key information about a public listed company such as its historical financial performance, ratio analysis, management background, insider trades, share price-volume history and its latest announcements and news, and benchmark its performance against its competitors and markets. INSAGE Fundamental Analysis System enables you to critically look at the fundamental data that drives the value of a particular company.

The INSAGE Fundamental Analysis System provides a comprehensive set of data to enable an investor to make informed decisions. Our system consists of the following 13 sections:

Corporate Information
Chairman’s Statement
Industry Peers
Segmental Information
Ratio Analysis
Share Price Volume
Share Buy Back
Announcements to Exchange

Segmental Information

Segmental Information enables an investor to understand the performance of the various business divisions of a listed company.

Investors need to review segmented revenue and operating profits to determine which product line or business division or geographical segment or operating businesses, are growing faster than the others. The operating margins of each division  is also an important performance indicator that investors should track.

Insage Fundamental Analysis System provides the segmental analysis of the listed company and also computes out the segmental margins (based on segmental results before interest, depreciation/amortisation and tax).