Yinson Annual Report 2021

70 YINSON HOLDINGS BERHAD SECTION 03 : EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT COVID-19: YINSON’S NEW NORMAL Regional office teams in Port Harcourt, Accra and Miri devoted significant resources towards organising and managing quarantine arrangements for crew, as well as ensuring adherence to evolving national requirements. All units established Covid-19 procedures for prevention and case management. Throughout the pandemic, we cooperated closely with our clients, to ensure safe and consistent practices amongst internal and external stakeholders. A number of positive cases were revealed during quarantine and testing onshore, preventing further spread of the virus onboard. All cases were treated and made a full recovery, except one. Unfortunately, one individual did not recover, despite being evacuated to his home country and receiving best available care. Despite the tremendous effort made, and significant resources deployed, four crew members tested positive for Covid-19 onboard one of the FPSOs at end January 2021. The crew members were immediately isolated and evacuated to shore and provided medical treatment in hospital. Other appropriate mitigating actions were concurrently implemented onboard. All affected crew have recovered, and the unit was declared Covid-19-free four weeks later. Yinson and our clients have provided ongoing support to all affected crew and their families. All vessels are now Covid-free. Operational uptime has not been affected by the Covid-19 cases offshore and precautionary measures remain in force on board all our units. COMMUNITIES Yinson continued to support our frontliners and local communities. Since the start of the pandemic, Yinson has contributed over RM1.2 million in medical protective equipment and other needed supplies to support the fight against Covid-19. As the situation improved and restrictions were lifted, we shifted our focus to contribute actively to post-recovery efforts. One of the needs that came to light post-recovery was that many families, especially from the lower income group, did not have laptops or computers to enable their children to attend online classes. Yinson responded by donating USD13,500 worth of laptops and computer equipment to support this need. VIRTUAL STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT Strengthening Yinson’s ability to connect and collaborate virtually with our external stakeholders was a key adaptation the Group went through to enable business continuity. With the support of our global IT team, we worked closely with our stakeholder groups to bring meetings and events online to maintain stakeholder engagement levels. We explored tools for enhancing online meeting effectiveness, and upskilled our employees to use them. Some key virtual stakeholder engagements in FYE 2021 include: t $POUJOVFE QBSUJDJQBUJPO JO JOEVTUSZ FYIJCJUJPOT BOE conferences as exhibitors and speakers, using virtual conference platforms. t #SPBEDBTUFE UIF th AGM virtually, with shareholders tuning in and voting via a dedicated secure platform. t *OWFTUPS NFFUJOHT BOE BOBMZTU CSJFmOHT IFME WJSUVBMMZ t 1BSUJDJQBUFE JO WJSUVBM DBSFFS GBJST BOE TUVEFOU GPDVTFE events, allowing live chats with students. t 'BDJMJUBUFE TJUF BVEJUT BOE WJTJUT WJSUVBMMZ t #SPVHIU DPSQPSBUF FWFOUT TVDI BT TJHOJOH DFSFNPOJFT UP B virtual platform. Covid-19 drove Yinson to step up our digitalisation efforts, allowing business processes to take place with limited reliance on physical presence. Focus was placed on automation; integrity of data collection, storage and transfer; collaboration platforms; cyber security; ease of use and workflow improvements. Business systems and processes, pg 110; Digitalisation, pg 123; Social & Relationships Capital, pg 130 Local communities, pg 136; United in the fight against Covid-19, pg 138 Operations, pg 100; Offshore health and safety, pg 125; Crew, pg 130; Clients, pg 132