Yinson Annual Report 2019

YINSON GROUP OVERVIEW 4 Chairman’s Statement 8 Vision, Mission and Core Values 9 Our journey 10 Our business 11 Corporate information 12 Our global presence 13 Key assets 16 Key events 20 Group financial highlights STRATEGY AND SUSTAINABILITY 26 Business strategy 28 Management Discussion and Analysis 42 Sustainability Statement GOVERNANCE 70 Board of Directors 74 Key Management 77 Corporate Governance Overview Statement 91 Statement on Risk Management and Internal Control 96 Report on Audit Committee 99 Statement on Directors’ Responsibility ACCOUNTABILITY 102 Financial Statements 218 Analysis of shareholdings 221 List of properties ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 222 Notice of Annual General Meeting 227 Administrative details Form of Proxy Contents Yinson is shaping the world’s energy landscape through the provision of modern, purpose-built assets for the energy industry. Chairman’s Statement Management Discussion and Analysis Sustainability Statement page 42 page 28 page 4 R.O.A.D.S